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Like Page Builders? Socrates Page Builder Template is CRAZY FAST..
99/94 Grade with 9 Requests Works Flawlessly with Elementor, Divi,
Beaver Builder, Brizy, Thrive, Instabuilder and Gutenberg + 99.9% of Other Plugins

玲珑加速器换节点 This page built with simple Socrates Shortcodes (No Page Builder used or needed)

“The Logical WordPress Theme”

Since 2010 Socrates has been installed on over 200,000 sites. Completely rebuilt in 2017, Socrates 5 is the Best Version yet.

Warning: The Following Is Not For People Who Are Looking For A Complicated Or Time Consuming Theme!


We assume you’re going to look around the 玲珑加速器换节点, or get a free sandbox trial so we’re not going to bother with a fancy salespage.  We’re also going to direct you off this salespage to see some of our demos and bonuses.

We understand you’re here because you need to build a website or improve the page speed of an existing one.  Perhaps you heard about our Toolkit plugin and just want that..

You’re most likely looking for an easy to use WordPress Theme.  One that’s fast, mobile friendly, easy to customize, has great support and is sold at a fair price.

Dan you surely deserve a medal and recognition for over delivering, you have reinvented this word. What I don’t get is why would EVERYONE not use Socrates as their theme!!??
Lloyd P.

These days you’ve got 1000’s of Theme choices.  So you spend hours looking at fancy demos, reading reviews & licensing terms to try and pick the right theme for your project and budget.


The WordPress theme business in 2023 is very competitive and unfortunately 90% of the themes out there are all look the same.  Many theme developers seem to only care about their fancy looking demos and how many themes they can create (most of which all look the same).  They spend more time making demos than supporting their customers.

That’s why we don’t like to think of ourselves as being in the theme business.  We’re in the problem solving business.  Our themes, plugins and bonuses solve lots of problems.

The reason customers love Socrates and why it’s one of the most popular themes ever (over 20,000 sales) is because it’s easy to use and solves problems.

Socrates Also Has…

  • A One Time Payment of Just $47 –  No Annual or Support Fees.
  • Just One User License – Unlimited Personal and Client Use
  • Great Support –  Email, Forum, Live Chat (for 9 straight years)
  • Incredible Bonuses – We don’t have upsells because we give them away with purchase

So unlike other themes that charge $50+ per single use annually, we charge under $50 one time for unlimited personal and client use.

How Can We Do This?

Socrates has been a one-time fee since 2010. It sells every day and we have multiple online businesses running on Socrates Themes. We also realize that the majority of digital products with annual support fees don’t get renewed anyhow. (The 80/20 Rule).

用玲珑流放者柯南加速器 轻松解决加速难题 - Sohu:2021-3-8 · 使用玲珑流放者柯南加速器,为玩家提供流畅稳定的网络环境,即使在高峰期也可伍保证玩家愉快玩耍。 流放者柯南(别名:蛮王柯南,英文名:Conan Exiles)是由Funcom开发制作的一款3D沙盒生存冒险类游戏,该游戏包含单人模式和联机模式。

In the meantime we use it for our businesses too so we’re always improving it.

  • Built by Marketers for Marketers
  • Easy to Set Up!
  • Call To Action Widgets w/ Widget Visibility
  • Full Width or Boxed Layouts
  • Super Fast and Mobile Responsive 
  • Custom Nav Menu’s Per page
  • 玲珑加速器换节点
  • Easy One Click Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Socrates ToolKit Plugin with Shortcodes and More
  • Woocommerce Compatible
  • BBPress Compatible
  • 玲珑加速器换节点 Per Page & Custom Header Generator
  • 336 Niche Header Designs Included!
  • Create Simple Membership Sites
  • Full Sections Template
  • Over 600 Google Fonts
  • Masonry Template
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Member Area Templates
  • Page Builder “Blank” Template
  • Sections Template
  • Google Amp Compatible
  • Great Support – Live Chat, Contact Form & Forum
  • Built in Monetization with In Post Ads
  • Simple Affiliate Program – Earn 50% with Affiliate Footer Link
  • 玲珑加速器换节点
  • Fully WordPress 5.0+ Compatible
  • Works with Any Plugin (see FAQ)

订单确认支付-金华租号全新一站式租号系统:玲珑加速器 赛博加速器 斧牛加速器 返回首页 登录 注册 申请合租 下载上号器 金华租号全新一站式租号系统 ... QQ快捷登陆,账号预约租债等功能。新老客户速来体验啦!!!另诚招加盟:携手共赢,多种模式,财富等你来拿。咨询商务合作客服3112697653。


We have a lot of products and websites and they all run on Socrates or Speaker Theme.  Lucky for you, we also give many as bonuses to our Socrates customers. So click through our toggle shortcode tabs below.  You’ll not only see our bonuses, but links (which open in new windows) to demo sites of Socrates and Speaker Theme. We also have more demo sites listed on our FAQ page.

Yes, THESE ARE ALL INCLUDED in your Socrates purchase.
Toolkit & Membership Plugin


We had a lot of cool functionality we used to put into the theme, but now it’s all separated into our Toolkit plugin which comes with your purchase.  It can be used on ANY theme as well.

There are two demo links, one to show off the Toolkit core features and the other to show off the membership features. Warning: You may end up buying just to get this plugin.

Visit Visit WPMembershipTheme

Speaker Theme


We mentioned above how most themes look the same these days. While Socrates has a signature container look, we created a “sister theme” to show how easy it is to create popular layouts using Socrates.

You get unlimited and personal client use to Speaker Theme too. (I use this on my 玲珑加速器模式 too)

Visit SpeakerTheme

ACME Theme


Our newest theme built on the Socrates Framework.

Visit Visit ACME Theme



We created a plugin to help our customers get more organic traffic to their site.  It’s totally whitehat and is basically a training aid to help you fix issues and create better optimized content.

You can get a single use license for free, but you get unlimited personal and client use rights as a customer. This site is built using Socrates.

Visit WPFreshTraffic



In UNDER 3 minutes you will learn ONE very simple idea for changing habits, reaching goals and improving productivity in both LIFE and BUSINESS.

This is Dan Nickerson’s mindset course, and you’ll get some of the bonus downloads in the Socrates member’s area if you buy the Agency License. Site built on Socrates

Visit Simple3X

ION Theory


You’ll get the PDF version of my popular Kindle Book The ION Theory: 12 Simple Laws That Can Shift Mindsets, Change Habits, Solve Problems & Unlock Creativity. Site built on Socrates Theme.

93话_剑玲珑漫画_剑玲珑93话_知音漫客网:1 天前 · 知音漫客网免费提供剑玲珑漫画93话在线阅读,与杂志同步更新剑玲珑漫画,爽快的阅读体验,高清正版的资源,看剑玲珑 ...


I bought Socrates when it first came out and it’s my cornerstone WordPress Theme. It’s clean code, the site speed I get is awesome, and its ease of customization is off the charts easy.

I appreciate the “all that you need” in a theme concept without the typical bloat that makes for cool sale copy but a head achy website.

Lastly, the 玲珑加速器模式 which is unequaled anywhere else in my experience, makes this a must have tool for your marketing arsenal. So, if you’re reading this… just buy it… and come thank me later! –


Speed and mobile matters to Big G.

For me moving to Socrates meant a local site went from jockeying for #1 spot (last year) to consistently holding #1 spot for “All” and “Image” searches in 2018.

Videos also became “liberally distributed” over the first three pages of video searches.

All I changed was the theme.

Thank you Dan!

Chris Davis

Why Do People Just Like You Love Socrates?

Dan NickersonWhen WordPress came out in 2003 I knew it was a game changer.  I’ve been building websites since 1996  and made my first WordPress theme in 2005.

I’ve helped 100’s of students and 1000’s of customers build their first websites.

In 2010, while working with Joel Comm I came up with the idea for the Socrates Theme. A simple easy to set up theme for newbies or pros who just wanted a great looking site fast.

We simply got tired of seeing our customer’s struggle to build their first website.  And we showed them how to build one in 10 minutes using Socrates. No complex page builders or fancy features that just slow down a website.

Let’s face it, the popular themes today are complex and difficult to set up for the average user, yet website visitors like sites they know how to use intuitively, ones that are logically laid out. We bet you do too.  And that’s why Socrates may be just what you need.

Quality content, ease of navigation and website speed are the THREE most important features of a website.

Got a question? Just Ask Us On Live Chat…

To Your Success!

Dan Nickerson
Socrates Creator


I apologize for any confusion.

I launched a new customers area and membership system in early June called 玲珑加速器换节点  There are two membership options.  Personal License and Agency License.   Yyou’ll get redirected to the WPUnite Customer Area to purchase access to Socrates.


  • All Our Themes & Plugins
  • Unlimited Personal Use
  • Great Support
  • Tutorials and Training (See YouTube)
  • One Time FEE & NO Upsells!
  • Check the fine print on other themes with annual costs .


*Instant Access – No Upsells
**Turn off Ad Blockers if issues with order links.


  • All Our Themes & Plugins
  • Unlimited Personal & CLIENT USE
  • Great Support
  • Tutorials and Training (See YouTube)
  • One Time FEE & 玲珑加速器模式
  • Check the fine print on other themes with annual costs.


*Instant Access – No Upsells
**Turn off Ad Blockers if issues with order links.


 Do you provide support?

Yes, we’re on live chat 70+ hours a week and usually respond to email within minutes. You can ask questions about anything related to Socrates, WordPress or Online Marketing via Live Chat, Contact Form, Forum or Facebook. 玲珑加速器换节点, but I even support other themes if you’re a customer. So if you’re a Socrates customer but using another theme product. You can ask me for help.

  How many domains can I install Socrates on?

The unlimited license is for all your personal domains and client sites. This is NOT a reseller or white label license. If you wish to “sell” a site using Socrates you just need to purchase a single license for the buyer. (ask us) For clarification here. You can install on client sites because the assumption is you’re supporting them and maintaining the site. If you’re selling to an outside buyer the support ends up falling back to us.

  What do I need to use Socrates?

You need to have your own domain and hosting to use a Premium WordPress Theme. We recommend Siteground. You’ll also need to install WordPress which comes free with most major webhosts or is easy to install. You can’t use Socrates on a install.


After your purchase you’ll be redirected to our registration page..



玲珑网游加速器V8.0.0.1715官方版_完美者:2021-3-15 · 玲珑网游加速器使用 1.打开玲珑网游加速器,点击添加游戏 2.选择完成后点击一键加速即可开始 更新日志 1.增加备用模式,更好的解决由于防火墙拦截导致加速失败问题。2.增加游戏加速后,理论延迟值预测。 TimingLaba V8.2 官方版
Joel Comm
Dan, thanks for helping me switch to Socrates recently on, my site is faster and traffic is UP!
Sheila Simkin



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“You don’t want to spend a fortune, waste time, wait for designers, or struggle with fancy features and page builders you’re never going to use. You want a site you can get live today with great support to help you every step of the way. Dan N”